Dynamic Classrooms: Creative Solutions (Nov 2020)


How are you handling the new educational demands of 2020? 

Do you need device advice? Perhaps there is Roger equipment you’ve never tried. Attend these training sessions to learn unique ways of using them and the evidence that supports their use in today’s classrooms. 

The below recorded trainings created by the Phonak pediatric team provide complementary, but unique content. 

Device advice from the streets

Learn new solutions that other educators have adopted due to COVID-19. Including:

  • new techniques to solve challenges deaf and hard of hearing students are facing
  • examples of improving audibility for normal hearing students
  • how to be sure the teacher is heard, without exhausting their voice
  • an in-depth view of equipment needed to have synchronous, hybrid learning

Nuts and Bolts: Solutions for dynamic classrooms

This session digs into the importance of Soundfield solutions in the 2020 classroom. 

  • Why Soundfield systems matter
  • Why the adaptive features in the Roger Soundfield solution make it the head of the class among other Soundfield options
  • A review of Roger devices included in the Soundfield portfolio 
  • Where to find more information and support

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Device advice from the streets | November 10, 2020


Nuts and bolts: Solutions for dynamic classrooms | November 12, 2020



Presentation: Device advice from the streets

Presentation: Nuts and Bolts: Solutions for dynamic classrooms

Supplemental Materials

Roger for Education

Video: Create a better work climate for teachers and students at school

A Roger SoundField system compensates for poor acoustics and create a more agreeable climate in the classroom.” See how administrators and educators in Sweden use SoundFfield for both teacher and students.

Guide: Dynamic SoundField

Installation instructions


Guide: How to connect Roger devices to computers and tablets

Guide: How to connect a Mac to multiple outputs

Guide: Speech-to-text solutions, an overview by See Hear Communication Matters

Access to Google Sheets is required to view this document


Guide: Sanitization Products for Roger

COVID-19 Guidelines

Appendix: Roger Sanitization Overview

Guide: How to clean your hearing instruments