The State of Education for Students with Hearing Loss During the Pandemic (Mar/Apr 2021)




Audiologists and school personnel serving students with hearing loss continue to face challenges during the COIVD-19 pandemic due to dramatic changes to students’ learning environments and formats. 

A study done by the University of North Texas examined the effects of various COVID classroom situations. Over 400 school professionals shared critical input on learning formats and the accessibility of services and technology to promote learning for students with hearing loss.

Join Dr. Erin Schafer, of University of North Texas, to review the study and the resulting recommendations to promote learning, engagement and educational access for K-12 students with hearing loss.  

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How often K-12 students with hearing loss faced different learning situations, including in-person, asynchronous remote and synchronous remote 
  2. What challenges caregivers have had with technology
  3. What other schools are doing when it comes to dispensing technology for remote use. 
  4. Which student accommodations are available to remote learners and how often they’re used
  5. Recommended strategies to promote learning for students with hearing loss

This session is designed for educational audiologists, school professionals or clinical pediatric audiologists who influence a student’s outcomes in school.

Hosted by Andrea Dunn, Dana Ulakovic and Erin Schafer

Non-CEU event

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