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Phonak Target™ 4.3: Fitting that Fits You

This course will provide an overview to the latest version of Phonak Target™ fitting software. Programming updates and new functionality will be discussed as well as how to fit the newest Phonak Venture products. Tips and tricks to optimize your patient fitting will be discussed.

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Explore the World with Confidence: Phonak Sky™ V

This course introduced the new Phonak Sky V hearing instruments and Roger for Education. New programs in AutoSense Sky OS as well as programming capabilities and options in Phonak Target™ software will be discussed. This course reviewed the appropriate defaults and fitting requirements for various pediatric age ranges.

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Choosing the Right Technology Level: Phonak Venture Feature Review

This course will present a comprehensive view of the various Venture technology levels and how each level meets specific patient needs. Participants will acquire an understanding of the programs and features of each technology level, including the differences in AutoSense OS, and have a better understanding of which technology level will benefit their patients.

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Educational Solutions for Children with Listening Challenges

This course will give an overview of pediatric research regarding children with listening challenges, various classroom environment modifications, and ways to verify that a modification has truly impacted the student positively.

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Verification with Phonak: Step by Step

This course will provide a step by step review of verification including how to verify audibility, SoundRecover, and CROS/BiCROS fittings. How to utilize Phonak Target™ for verification will also be reviewed.

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Phonak CROS II

This course will provide an overview of wireless CROS/BiCROS solutions available from the Phonak Venture platform. In addition CROS/BiCROS candidacy and fitting of the Phonak CROS in the Phonak Target 4.1 ™ software will be reviewed.

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Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic: Adult Solutions

This course will provide a review of Roger Technology for adults including the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic. How Roger Technology works will be reviewed in addition to how each Roger device can be utilized by adults with hearing loss.

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Phonak Virto: Our Newest Venture

This course will provide a review of ITE solutions in the Phonak Virto family including full shell, half shell, canal, completely in the canal and Phonak Virto V-nano as well as the features and benefits of each level of technology.

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AutoSense OS: The Evolution of Automation Technology

This course will introduce AutoSense OS and explain how it can help patients deal with the complexity of everyday sounds.

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Demonstration on Demonstration

This course will educate providers on the latest wireless solutions available from Phonak including Remote Control App and ComPilot II. Additionally, we will provide detailed instructions as to how to demonstrate Phonak wireless solutions in office.

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Hearing Aids and Music

This article describes a technical research study that employed an adaption of the ideal profile method (IPM), developed by Worch and colleagues (2013, 2014) to evaluate the effectiveness of the music program in Phonak Venture.

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Capturing Voices: Phonak RemoteMic and Wireless Accessories

Wireless accessories are being used by hearing instrument wearers for a variety of situations. This course will provide a review of the Phonak RemoteMic, ComPilot, TVLink S, MyPilot and PilotOne remotes and will discuss when to use each device for specific situations.

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Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio, New Solutions

This course will introduce the newest various wireless solutions available from Phonak including the Phonak Remote Control App, EasyCall and ComPilot Air II. In addition, we will provide a review of Roger Solutions for the adult including the Roger Pen and Roger Clip-On Mic.

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Phonak Target: Define Your Workflow

This course will provide a review of the latest version of Phonak Target™ fitting software including how to perform a first fitting. The course will focus on the latest innovations in Phonak Target™ designed to help you define your fitting workflow.

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Phonak Audeo V: Features & Benefits

This course will provide a review of the Phonak Audéo V and the Phonak Venture platform including the different Phonak Audéo V models available. Various features will be reviewed including AutoSense OS, Speech in Loud Noise, Speech in Wind and Speech in 360°.

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Understanding Everywhere: Binaural VoiceStream Technology™

This course will provide a review of the various Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ features available in the Phonak Quest portfolio. Features including auto StereoZoom, auto ZoomControl, DuoPhone and Speech in Wind will be reviewed.

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Considerations for Verifying Phonak Tinnitus Fittings

This course will provide an overview of the general tinnitus facts, including prevalence and management solutions. The course will focus on verification of the noise generator feature in Phonak Audéo Q so that hearing care professionals will be able to determine efficacy of the noise generator on a case-by-case basis.

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Tinnitus Solutions by Phonak

This course will provide an overview of the Tinnitus Solutions by Phonak including the Phonak Audéo Q, Tinnitus Balance noise generator and Tinnitus Balance App. The course will focus on how the portfolio supports various Tinnitus Management approaches.

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Go Deep! How Extended Wear Technology Leads to Better Hearing

In this presentation, the benefits of extended-wear hearing are discussed as well as Lyric candidacy and sizing and placement.

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