Soluções pediátricas


Para profissionais

Brochure: Phonak Pediatric Solutions

Because a child is not a small adult

Guide: Phonak pediatric solutions (Pamphlet)

Product and age recommendation overview

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Brochure: Roger for Education

Brochure: Solutions for children with unilateral hearing loss

Guide: Pediatric clinical recommendation

Use of wireless accessories for children with AB cochlear implants

Para consumidores

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Brochure: Phonak Pediatric Solutions (Pamphlet)

Explore the world with confidence

Brochure: Guide for Roger solutions to keep kids and teens connected

Brochure: Roger for Education (Pamphlet)

Bridging the understanding gap

Brochure: My child has a hearing loss

a guide for parents

Brochure: Children's hearing

a guide for parents


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