Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories for iPad

Leo App - Leo gets hearing aids

This interactive storybook helps parents and teachers put children at ease with the hearing care process and associated technologies. It is available, in 13 languages, free in the Apple App Store for iPad users.

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Leo App - Leo gets hearing aids
Leo App

Comfort and entertain children with hearing loss

Children with hearing loss may feel anxious about fitting in with their friends, especially when wearing new hearing technology. Leo the lion cub’s interactive storybook app is designed to help, providing children with a furry friend who faces exactly the same challenges they do.  

  • The App contains two stories: “Leo Gets Hearing Aids” and “Leo Gets a Roger System.”
  • In these engaging stories, Leo learns how using his hearing assistive technology can help him to have more fun and do better at school.
  • Leo’s storybook is suitable for children aged 1-8 years. It uses easy-to-follow language and engaging full-color illustrations to depict Leo and his animal friends as he travels through his hearing care journey.
  • This interactive app adds environmental sounds, and readers can tap on different characters to make them spring instantly to life.
  • The Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories iPad app is available in 13 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese and Chinese.

How the Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories iPad app works

Step 1

Download the Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories iPad app in the Apple App Store.

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Step 2

Choose your prefered language and select a story.

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Step 3

Use it to enjoy Leo’s adventures on the go and share his stories on-screen with families and friends.

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