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New Global Service Form (v.1.0)

A fast and qualitative after sales service is the key for trusted customers. All returns codes in our SAP database were cleaned up and aligned globally to better fulfill our customers needs and have faster repairs / remakes. All repairs and remakes are communicated to our group companies thanks to the new service form. Each return reason has a defined action to be taken. The new global service form contains all the codes that are visible in SAP.
Using the new global service form for your country will improve the quality and speed up our return processes, and enable us to improve our products.
The new global service form can be used even for the countries not using SAP. This will be a good exercise for future SAP users.

Please check the Training for more information.

Form: Global Service Form

To download the form valid for your country please visit your local Phonakpro website

List: Customer Complaint Code List

List: Credit Return Code List

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