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Improving knowledge

Phonak Learning offers you a premium learning experience.

Variegated and engaging content, such as interactive self-paced learning, live webinars and tailored programs allow you to:

  • Discover cutting-edge audiological insights.
  • Get familiar with the benefits and technical characteristics of Phonak products.
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Developing skills

A whole set of forthcoming training resources will be devoted to boost your commercial skills, such as:

  • Enhance the management of your practice.
  • Get acquainted with best practices in sales.
  • Improve your communication skills.

Enhancing connections

You will be able to nurture your connections with experts, trainers and peers by using the optimized tools provided for each training. For example:

  • Forums – for sharing thoughts, starting discussions and asking question to trainers and peers.
  • Live on-line sessions – for conference talks by globally recognized experts,  presentations by trainers, Q&A and discussions with trainers and peers.
  • Mobile learning – for learning everywhere and at a time which suits you best, and sharing your learning experience with colleagues and friends.
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