Introducing eAudiology

eAudiology can be used to deliver hearing care services when an in-clinic visit is not possible.

We are committed to assisting you in adopting digital services into your practice, to get you up and running quickly while still adhering to highest possible quality standards.

Quick start in eAudiology

Zip Archive: Package

A package of 5 essential resources to start with eAudiology

eAudiology journey

Preparation and client selection

Guide: Digital Hearing Healthcare Guide

Step-by-step guide on digital service delivery for hearing care professionals

Guide: myPhonak candidacy checklist

Determine the ideal candidate for myPhonak app

Guide: Optimize your practice environment

Step-by-step guide to optimize your space for eAudiology

Asset: Clinical implementation guidelines

A summary of 10 things to consider first before conducting Remote Support

Guide: Staff Role-Play

Pre-appointment checklist and staff Role-play instructions

Screening and assessment

Guide: Audiogram Direct - Guide

Step-by-step guide on how to perform a audiogram direct with Remote Support

Video: Audiogram Direct –How to conduct a Audiogram Direct with Remote Support

This video shows how to start and conduct a Remote Session using Audiogram Direct in Phonak Target

FAQ: Audiogram Direct - FAQ

A summary of frequently asked questions on Audiogram Direct

Set up and provision

Video: Phonak Target – Test Remote Support connection

Run a internet connection test in Phonak Target fitting software

Video: Phonak Target – How to prepare for a Remote Session and Hearing Diary

This video shows how to invite a client to a Remote Support session in Phonak Target

Video: Phonak Target – How to start a Remote Support session

Learn how to start a Remote Support session in Phonak Target fitting software

Guide: Phonak Target – Fitting Guide

A detailed introduction to successfully conduct a follow up Phonak Target fitting session using Phonak Remote Support

Presentation: Phonak Target

A summary of the frequently asked technical questions

Client set up, assistance and follow-up

User Guide: Remote Support and Fitting – Guide

A clients guide to setting up and pairing hearing aid(s) at home

Asset: Set clients up for Remote Support Success

A 4-step guide for setting up a Remote Support session in Phonak Target and a client’s mobile phone

Guide: At Home Ear Measurements - Guide

Step-by-step guide for clients on how to determine the appropriate length of hearing aid tubes at home

Guide: Hearing Diary - Fast Facts

User Guide: myPhonak app – User Guide

Installation and functionalities myPhonak on a mobile device including Phonak Remote Support instructions