Images & Logos

Phonak offers a variety of product photos and logos to help you add value and liveliness to your advertising and create effective, eye-catching marketing materials.

Below you will find a variety of product images that you are welcome to use in any of your advertising, whether it's TV, Newspaper or Direct Mail. Please reference the terms of use here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These files are large, high-resolution graphics files the should be used by your internal graphics department, newspaper design department or your print/design house. Not all of these files are not compatible with standard word processing programs and must be viewed in more sophisticated image editing/layout programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other similar programs.

Phonak Logos


Phonak logo - CMYK

.eps (506 kb)


Phonak logo - Pantone

.eps (505 KB)


Phonak logo - RGB 300dpi

.jpg (177 kb)

Cat Page Power Combination Blocck Logo Roger

Roger logo - CMYK

.eps (627 kb)

Hearing Aid Photography

Audeo Life Packshot

Phonak Audéo Life images
(all images)

.zip (125 mb)


Phonak Audéo Fit images
(all images)

.zip (98 mb)


Phonak Virto P images
(all images)

.zip (160 mb)


Phonak Slim images
(all images)

.zip (103 mb)


Naída Paradise images
(all images)

.zip (3.7 mb)

Phonak AB Bimodal - Naída CI M - Naída Link M

Naída Link M images
(all images)

.zip (0.5 mb)

Phonak AB Bimodal - Sky CI M - Sky Link M

Sky Link M images
(all images)

.zip (1.6 mb)


Audéo Paradise images
(all images)

.zip (4.9 mb)


Audéo Marvel images
(all images)

.zip (14.1 mb)

Sky M family

Sky Marvel images
(all images)

.zip (7.87 mb)


Bolero M images
(all images)

.zip (1.13 mb)

Naida M

Naída M images
(all images)

.zip (77.1 mb)


Virto M & Virto M-Titanium images
(all images)

.zip (89.6 mb)


Sky B images
(all images)

.zip (88.2 mb)


Bolero B images
(all images)

.zip (102.7 mb)

Packshot Virto B 10 pair (S)

Virto B images
(all images)

.zip (29.7 mb)

Beautyshot Naída B family

Naída B images
(all images)

.zip (69.5 mb)

Beautyshot CROS B Family

CROS B images
(all images)

.zip (24.2 mb)


Vitus / Vitus+ images
(all images)

.zip (24.2 mb)

Wireless Accessory Photography


Roger On images

.zip (1.0 mb)


Roger Neckloop images

.zip (1.0 mb)

Phonak RemoteControl

Phonak RemoteControl images

.zip (0.5 mb)


Phonak PartnerMic images

.zip (0.5 mb)

Beautyshot TV Connector

TV-Connector images

.zip (4.35 mb)

Roger Pen family

Roger PenTM images

.zip (202 mb)

ComPilot Air II

ComPilot Air images

.zip (13.3 mb)

ComPilot II

ComPilot II images

.zip (18.4 mb)

Dect II images

Dect II images

.zip (14.2 mb)

PilotOne II

PilotOne II images

.zip (9.9 mb)

iCube II

iCube II images

.zip (19.7 mb)

TV Link II image

TV Link II images

.zip (31.3 mb)


Roger Select™ images

.zip (15.7 mb)

Beautyshot Roger Table Mic II

Roger Table Mic II images

.zip (11.2 mb)

Beautyshot Roger Table Mic II

Roger Table Mic II iN images

.zip (11.2 mb)


Roger Select™ iN images

.zip (15.7 mb)

Roger Pen family

Roger PenTM iN images

.zip (202 mb)

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Permitted Use

You are allowed to display and use the Material in order to promote and market Phonak products and to inform about services related to the products.

In this conjunction we point out that the hereunder given right does not cover the unlawful use in view of misleading or fraudulent advertising of medical devices. Furthermore, you commit to strictly comply with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions as well as to the ethics and codes of conducts related to the use of the Materials, in particular in respect of the promotion of medical devices. In respect thereof, we advise to care about lawful advertising according to regulations in respective territory.

Restricted Use

Some Materials are subject to restrictions. Please read carefully through the respective explanations in order to ensure compliance with those restrictions. 

Prohibited Use

Modifications of the Material is only allowed in line with our Brand Guidelines. Materials must not be used in any way that distorts the meaning, is discriminatory or harms the interest of Phonak and its affiliates. You are not allowed to submit, post or forward the Material to any external third party.

Representations and Warranties

The Material is provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind that the Material will meet your requirements or that its use will be uninterrupted or error free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Material is with you. You, as user of the Material contained on this site, accept any and all liability arising from such use, no guarantee or warranty is made for Material serviceability or site access and availability.