The cost-conscious user

Cost-conscious clients expect a solution to address their communication needs and base their purchase mainly on financial considerations.

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Balancing price and performance

A hearing aid is an investment, regardless of the price segment. Cost-conscious clients seek a solution that provides quality, reliability, and useful features while matching their financial needs. Their main expectations are:

  • Low investment
  • Improved communication
  • The ability to communicate in presence of some background noise
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and durability

Our cost-conscious solutions

Phonak Vitus and Vitus+  are ideal solutions for your cost-conscious clients. They are reliable for everyday listening situations and built to meet high quality standards. Providing proven hearing performance for mild to profound hearing loss in appealing and robust designs. With Vitus+ we offer an enhanced feature set in Custom, RIC and BTE models. They are all programmable with the easy-to-use Phonak Target fitting software.

Phonak Vitus™


Our basic BTE portfolio for mild to profound hearing losses in a compact and reliable design.

Phonak Vitus+


The comprehensive Basic portfolio for mild to profound hearing loss, including RIC, BTE and Custom models with an enhanced feature set.