Easy Guide to the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio

Easy Guide - Tool on screen

This interactive tool helps you evaluate your clients’ hearing needs and recommends the best possible wireless accessory.

How the Easy Guide supports your daily practice

Today’s market offers a vast array of hearing solutions and wireless accessories. This can be overwhelming for customers whose main concerns are performance, reliability, and value. The Online Easy Guide helps you to:

  • Evaluate the listening situations that cause your customer to struggle
  • Match the existing hearing aid technology with the appropriate wireless accessory
  • Choose the best wireless accessory as well as an alternative

How the Easy Guide works

Step 1

Select your customer’s most challenging situation(s)

How Easy Guide Works Step 1

Step 2

Select their existing hearing technology

How Easy Guide Works Step 2

Step 3

Review and print or save the recommendations

How Easy Guide Works Step 3


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