Title Description Platform Animation

AutoSense OS

AutoSense OS accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment and then more precisely than ever before blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience.

Venture, Belong Watch Animation

Speech in Wind

Speech in Wind detects the wind noise in both hearing aids. Then, through sophisticated binaural processing the results are compared in real-time. The aid with the better speech signal is identified and the good signal is streamed to the other side. Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


StereoZoom creates a highly focused beam to the front to focus on a single voice in a crowd.

StereoZoom employs wireless audio streaming and sophisticated binaural processing technologies to create a bi-directional network of four microphones that enable a highly focused beam to the front.

Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation

Auto ZoomControl

When you cannot easily face the speaker, e.g. in a car, auto ZoomControl can zoom to either side and backwards for effortless understanding. Quest, Venture Watch Animation


With DuoPhone, as soon as the phone is held to the ear the signal is heard in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity significantly improved.

Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


SoundRecover is an effective way to extend hearing by providing maximum access to high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible. Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation

Speech in Car

Reduces broadband noise in the car to create a stable listening environment for easy communication, reduced effort. Venture, Belong Watch Animation


FlexControl allows the wearer to easily make targeted adjustments that have a significant impact on satisfaction. It personalizes AutoSense OS (Venture) or SoundFlow (Quest), transforming the simple action of turning a control up or down into a powerful adjustment tool Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


FlexVolume brings additional sophistication to loudness adjustments. Instead of linear up and down shifts in gain, FlexVolume shapes the gain curve in a frequency dependent manner. This approach results in increased clarity when more volume is required, while comfort is enhanced with less volume Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


WhistleBlock differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback. Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


Directional microphone technology is a proven method of effectively improving speech intelligibility in background noise. UltraZoom is the adaptive multi-channel beamforming technology, automatically available in AutoSense OS or in a manual program. Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation


SoundRelax instantly and accurately identifies impulse sounds and applies gain reduction relative to the original peak signal characteristics without altering Maximum Power Output (MPO). SoundRelax cushions otherwise unpleasant impulse sounds without affecting speech clarity or causing unnatural perception of other sounds. Quest, Venture, Belong Watch Animation