Phonak Virtual Mirror

Virtual Mirror - Home in screen

Using an iPad, a hearing care professional can take high resolution pictures of clients wearing a hearing aid. The app allows the HCP to virtually change the color of the hearing aid, based on the available color range, and shows how it would appear in reality.


Making color choices fun

What used to be a time consuming exercise is now a fun and efficient experience for both you and your clients. You no longer need to waste time tilting a  hand mirror to show a hearing aid behind your client’s ear. Now, in three simple steps, you can simply show the client exactly how the hearing aid will appear.

Download from Apple App Store

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How Phonak Virtual Mirror works

Step 1

Take a picture of the hearing aid behind the ear.

Virtual Mirror - Take picture

Step 2

Let your client choose their preferred color.

Virtual Mirror - Select color Ruby

Step 3

Email the picture to the client.

Virtual Mirror - Send by email

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