Leo's World: Warm and Welcoming

Leo - Mascot Pediatric

Children with hearing loss feel anxious about fitting in with their friends, especially when wearing new hearing technology. Leo, our cuddly, approachable pediatric mascot, can help. Because our furry friend Leo is easy to relate to, he helps children feel more comfortable with their hearing loss and their hearing systems.


All About Leo

Leo is a playful young lion cub who just wants to be like his other friends: do well in school, excel at sports, and have fun. In the past, he's felt different because of his hearing loss. But now, Leo has Phonak hearing aids and a Roger system. His hearing loss doesn't make him stand out any more, and he can do everything he wants to do.

Leo stars in his own hardback children's book and free iPad app. Because children can easily identify with friendly, fuzzy Leo, his stories help them feel less anxious about their hearing loss and explain it better to others.


Leo Storybook

Leo Storybook

This hardback book contains two stories: Leo Gets Hearing Aids and Leo Gets a Roger System. Leo, a young lion with hearing loss, helps children feel more comfortable with their hearing loss and their hearing systems.

Interactive Stories

Phonak Leo – Interactive Stories for iPad

This interactive Storybook is available in the Apple App Store for iPad users. Use it to enjoy Leo’s adventures on the go and share his stories on-screen with families and friends.

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Leo Plush Toy

Leo Plush Toy

This stuffed toy is a real-life version of Leo for young clients to hold and hug. Use it as a distraction toy in VRA, or as a counseling tool for young children getting hearing aids for the first time.

Leo Coloring Pages

Leo coloring pages

These coloring pages are magic. Use them as distraction during counseling or as give away to use at home.

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Leo Growth Chart

Leo Growth Chart

A colorful item for your clinic’s wall, the growth chart will help Leo become a familiar and comfortable friend to young clients.

The Listening Room™

The Listening Room

This one-of-a-kind website delivering dynamic listening exercises tailored for all ages and levels of hearing loss.

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Adult Counseling Tools

Pediatric Counseling Tools