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We are committed to support you in ensuring that a child’s hearing aid fitting is offering the maximum benefit for speech and language development and are proud to present you the UWO Ling-6 (HL) speech test.

UWO Ling-6 (HL) Test

Originally developed by Daniel Ling, the Ling-6 test was designed as a quick and easy test that could be utilized to check a child’s access to the minimal amount of sounds required to hear, understand and learn speech. The Ling-6 covers six speech sounds that range from low to high pitch: /m/, /u/, /i/, /a/, /sh/ and /s/. Susan Scollie and Danielle Glista at the Universtiy of Western Ontario, Canada have taken the principal of the Ling-6 test and developed it into a speech sound detection measure for use in aided and unaided testing conditions.

The UWO Ling-6(HL) speech test  is distributed on an audio CD. It is designed to be administered in the sound field of a sound booth using a CD player or PC and a clinical audiometer. Included on the CD are tracks with a calibration tone (VU meter of the audiometer) and calibration noise (output stimuli).

It will be a useful tool in your practice. For a copy of the CD or more information, please contact your Phonak Representative.


Guide: Ling-6(HL) instructions

Datasheet: Ling-6(HL) scoring sheet


Scollie, S., Glista, D., Tenhaaf, J., Dunn, A., Malandrino, A., Keene, K., & Folkeard, P. “Stimuli and normative data for detection of Ling-6 sounds in Hearing Level”. American Journal of Audiology. Published online July 30, 2012. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2012/12-0020).

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