The Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio is a flexible tinnitus solution that can be used as  part of of the main tinnitus management philosophies: Tinnitus Masking (TM), Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) or Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM).

The flexibility of the Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio means that you can individualize a tinnitus solution for each of your tinnitus patients based on their hearing needs, severity of the tinnitus and lifestyle.

Tinnitus and hearing loss

Tinnitus is often referred to as a “phantom perception of sound”. It is considered one of the most common and distressing otologic problems patients face. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the population experience tinnitus, 3% actively search for a solution.
There is a strong correlation between hearing loss and tinnitus. Studies showing that 80 percent of tinnitus patients also have a hearing loss. This is why Phonak Audéo V and Bolero V are at the core of our Tinnitus Balance Portfolio.

Graphic - Report experiencing tinnitus

10-15% report experiencing tinnitus
3% suffer from tinnitus to a degree severe enough to seek medical attention

Incidence of tinnitus as a percentag of population
Figure adapted from: Baguley D, McFerran D and Hall D (2013). Tinnitus. The Lancet-D-12-08329.

Graphic - Tinnitus patients with hearing loss

80% of tinnitus patients also have hearing loss

Link between hearing loss and tinnitus
Figure adapted from: Davis A, El Refaie A (2000) Epidemiology of tinnitus.
In: Tyler RS (ed) Tinnitus handbook. Singular, San Diego


Relieve ringing in the ears

Tinnitus is subjective and affects individuals very differently

For some people, it is a minor annoyance that does not require help or treatment. For others, it can have an enormous influence on the quality of their life, for example:

  • Long-term sleep disruption
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Changes in cognitive ability
  • Stress disorder

For the majority of tinnitus patients sound therapy offers significant relief from the negative impacts of tinnitus. Sound therapy can consist of a combination of environmental sounds, music, broadband sounds or amplified sounds (i.e. hearing aid amplification). Tinnitus management is most effective when sound therapy is combined with counseling.

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Our tinnitus solutions: Flexibility is key

The Phonak Tinnitus Balance Portfolio consists of key elements of tinnitus management: a hearing device, a broadband noise generator, and an iOS or Android app for additional sound therapy. A digital wireless accessory for streaming sound to the hearing aid completes the offer. This Portfolio gives you the flexibility to package an individualized tinnitus management plan for each of your clients, regardless of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, or severity of tinnitus.

Graphic - Tinnitus Balance Portfolio
  1. Amplification only
  2. Amplification plus Tinnitus Balance noise generator or Tinnitus Balance noise generator only
  3. Amplification plus Tinnitus Balance App with ComPilot II / ComPilot Air II
  4. Combination of 1+2+3
  5. Non-aidable HL: Tinnitus Balance App only
Icon HI receiver volume

Tinnitus Balance hearing aid

Icon Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator

Tinnitus Balance noise generator

Icon headphones or speaker or soundpillow

Headphones or speakers or soundpillow


ComPilot II / ComPilot Air II

App Tinnitus Balance Smartphone

Tinnitus Balance App


Phonak Virto™ B

Overview Virto B

Phonak Virto B are the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration and are precisely calibrated to your clients’ individual ear anatomy for better hearing...

Phonak Audéo™ B

Beautyshot Audéo B

The comprehensive RIC family introduces a host of innovative technologies to simplify your clients’ life. Designed for mild to severe hearing losses, Audéo hearing aids...

Phonak Bolero™ B


Phonak Bolero B is a BTE style hearing aid with our newest technology to cover mild to profound hearing losses across four performance levels.

Tinnitus Balance App

App Tinnitus Balance Smartphone

The Phonak Tinnitus Balance App enables your clients to manage their tinnitus management sound plan.

Phonak ComPilot

ComPilot perspective

Compatible with Spice, Spice+ and Quest generation hearing aids. Color: Silver/black

Phonak ComPilot II

ComPilot II Perspective

Compatible with all Phonak Venture and Belong hearing aids. Color: Champagne/black.

Phonak ComPilot Air II

ComPilot Air II Perspective2

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II uses Bluetooth® technology to connect Phonak Venture and Belong hearing aids wirelessly to cell phones or Bluetooth-enabled...