Using ComPilot

Use cases

Using ComPilot for phone calls

ComPilot connects to any Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone wirelessly for hands-free phone use. Please make sure to complete the pairing and connection procedures.

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Video: Making a phone call


Using the ComPilot as an audio streamer

Stream audio wirelessly to the hearing aids from any Bluetooth® enabled audio source, e.g. Phonak TVLink, mobile phones, tablets, or direct via a 3.5mm jack input.

ComPilot MP3 Outline

Using ComPilot with a Computer / Laptop

Connect the Phonak ComPilot easily to a computer for IP telephony, e.g. Skype calls, or listening to music through the hearing aids.

Guide: Connecting Phonak ComPilot to PC/Laptop

using the Sennheiser BTD 500 adapter, REF: 076-0856

Using ComPilot with a Computer / Laptop