PilotOne daily use

Daily Use

Switching ON

When switching PilotOne on, the status light is lit for 1 second, indicating that PilotOne is ready to use.

Illu PilotOne Battery Status

Switch the device off, when not in use.

Illu PilotOne ON/OFF

Operating distance

Hold PilotOne so that the buttons are facing you. Maximum operating distance between the hearing aids and PilotOne is 1 meter / 40".

As long as a button is pressed the status light remains lit until the button is released.

Illu PilotOne Operating Distance

Battery status indicator light

The indicator light will be either green or red depending on the battery status.

  • Green: Battery ok
  • Red: <10 % left. Replace the battery immediately.
Illu PilotOneIndicator Light

Do not charge the battery!

Illu PilotOne do not charge