Roger™ Upgrader

Roger Upgrader is designed to ensure the Roger compatibility of Phonak devices, such as: wireless microphones (Roger Touchscreen Mic, Pass-around, inspiro, DynaMic); loudspeakers (Roger Dynamic SoundField); and multimedia accessories (Roger Multimedia Hub, AudioHub).

Guide: Roger Upgrader fitting guide

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Software Download: Roger Upgrader Software V1.27

How to upgrade automatically

Choose [Automatic upgrade] if you have several Phonak products you want to use together in a Roger network.

Roger Upgrader - Automatic Upgrade

How to read your devices data

Choose [Read device data]  to learn more about a specific device (such as its firmware version, serial number etc.).

Roger Upgrader - Read Device Data

How to check which devices are compatible

Choose [Compatibility guide] to learn which devices (i.e. firmware versions) can be used together in a Roger network.

Roger Upgrader - Compatibility Guide

How to manually upgrade the firmware

Choose [Manual firmware change] if you already know which version a device requires.

Roger Upgrader - Manual Firmware Update

How to manage multiple devices

Create a customizable inventory of your Roger devices with the [Equipment manager].

Roger Upgrader - Equipment Manager
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