Phonak Baseo™ Q

Our basic BTE family blends quality sound and reliability for the cost-conscious client.

Beautyshot Baseo Q Family
AutoSense operating system

Quest sound quality with great value

Phonak Baseo Q hearing aids are based on our high-performing Quest technology and can be programmed with the easy-to-use Phonak Target fitting software. The chip design and key Quest features provide a natural sound perception and high first-fit acceptance.

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Comfortable listening in noise

The fixed directional microphones in Phonak Baseo Q increase speech understanding in noisy environments. Dual microphones, as opposed to one omnidirectional microphone, reduce background noises, making it easier to follow a conversation. This feature can be manually activated whenever better understanding in noise is required.

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Fitting basic tuning compression

Robust, durable and water resistant

Phonak Baseo Q are based on Phonak’s most robust designs – over a million have been sold worldwide. All four models feature nano-coated mic protection and a new metal connection for excellent retention of the tone hook. Additionally, all four have IP57-level water and dust resistance.