Phonak Tao™ Q

Our Basic custom hearing aid family offers discretion, quality sound, and great value.

Beautyshot Tao Q 15 Family
Beautyshot Tao Q

Quest sound quality at a basic performance level

Phonak Tao Q hearing aids are based on our high-performing Quest technology and can be programmed with the easy-to-use Phonak Target™ fitting software. The chip design and key Quest features provide a natural sound perception and high first-fit acceptance.

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More comfort, less noise

The fixed directional microphones in Phonak Tao Q-13 and Tao Q-312 increase speech understanding in noisy environments. Dual microphones, as opposed to one omnidirectional microphone, reduce background noises, making it easier to follow a conversation. This feature can be manually activated whenever required.

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Discretion, quality, and affordability in one

Many clients have anxiety about the appearance of their hearing aids, in addition to concerns about performance and cost. Phonak Tao Q CIC models address all of these issues. Give your cost-conscious clients one of the smallest, most customizable, and most discreet hearing aids available within the Basic segment.