Phonak Virto™ M-Titanium

Made from medical grade titanium. It is discreet, durable and light weight.

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  • Titanium

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Model: Virto M Titanium Titanium

Battery: 10A

Performance Levels (Compare):

Advanced (M70), Premium (M90)

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Faceplate Colors:

Selected: Pink ( 26 )


Shell Colors:

Selected: Titanium ( U0 )


Fitting Range

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Virto M Titanium Titanium

  • Fitting Range Phonak Virto M-Titanium M

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  • Fitting Range Phonak Virto B-Titanium SP


High-performing technology and first-class design

Virto Marvel hearing aids have exceptional sound quality from the first fit.1 By incorporating a high-tech material for Virto M-Titanium, we’ve created hearing aids that reflects our passion for innovation and engineering design with performance, functionality and aesthetics.

Packshot Virto B-Titanium
Virto B-Titanium FitGuide

Titanium FitGuide

Thanks to the new Titanium FitGuide, over 50% of people get an even more discreet fitting Virto M-Titanium by an average of 2.5 mm. That is the difference between discreet and super discreet.


We are taking super discreet to the next level

The Titanium Fitguide indicates how deep the hearing aid can be placed in the ear.

Phonak Titanium FitGuide

How does it work?

Ear impressions are static but ear canals are flexible. The new Titanium FitGuide takes this flexibility into account and defines how deep the hearing aid can be placed in the ear canal.


Virto Titanium is an award-winning product.

2019 Innovation Awards Honoree Logo
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Titanium is renowned for its strength and durability

Being 15 times stronger than acrylic, it makes it possible to build a shell as thin as 0.2 mm, which is 50% thinner than the existing shells of our custom hearing aids. With a significantly thinner shell and 60% smaller electronic components, we are able to reduce the size of Virto M-Titanium by up to 26% compared to its acrylic predecessor

Phonak Virto™ Marvel

Virto M-312 is the world’s first custom hearing aid with hands-free calls that allows Roger technology to stream directly without an external receiver.

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