iCube II

Packshot iCube II

iCube II is a cable-free fitting device that wirelessly transfers fitting data from the PC to the client’s hearing aids. It can be used with any wireless Phonak hearing aid (Venture, Quest, Spice+ and Spice).

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True plug and play setup

To get started with iCube II, the pre-paired USB adapter only needs to be plugged into a free USB port on the fitting PC. The connection is established automatically when iCube II is selected as the fitting device in Phonak Target 4.0 (or newer). If needed, iCube II can also be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to any other PC or tablet.

Guide: iCube II Fast Facts

Packshot iCube II USB Adapter
Packshot iCube II Perspective

Cable-free fitting

The fitting process with iCube II is fast,and cable-free. With improved reliability and stability, clients can enjoy the freedom to move or to walk around without being tangled up by cables.


New neckloop

The new neckloop connects in the middle, making it much easier to put iCube II on. Optimized battery consumption allows for up to twelve hours of continuous fitting without the need to recharge.

Packshot iCube II Front
Packshot iCube II with Charging Station

Optional desktop stand

The optional desktop stand will ensure that your iCube II is at hand and fully charged when needed.