Sound Delivery System 4.0


Sound Delivery System 4.0 (SDS 4.0)  is the new acoustic coupling portfolio. Designed to support the Marvel hearing aids, SDS 4.0 offers robust, reliable and comfortable acoustic coupling components.

Fit and Go Kits SDS 4.0


SDS 4.0 has a RIC and a BTE Fit and Go Kit. Filled with all the SDS 4.0 components you need to fit Phonak Marvel RIC or BTE hearing aids. Both Kits include all Receivers or SlimTubes in all sizes and for both sides as well as all domes in all sizes. Also included are the necessary tools to measure and handle the components.

The RIC Fit and Go Kit contains retentions in all sizes and 10 CeruShield Disks in addition.


SDS 4.0 items



Newly designed, robust receiver for every day reliability. New M receiver offers performance close to a P receiver, in a size close to a S receiver. Receiver spout designed for «One-Click» connection with new SDS 4.0 domes.

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Packshot SlimTube 4.0

Newly designed SlimTube to provide up to 3 dB more gain and MPO and offer an ergonomic curve/fit. «One-Click» connection with new SDS 4.0 domes.

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New additional Cap dome for narrow canals. Balloon shaped Vented dome offering an acoustic coupling between open and power domes. Open and power dome re-designed for better retention and comfort

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CeruShield™ Disk


-New Phonak exclusive wax protection system
-Compatible with all SDS 4.0 receivers


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Receiver handling tool


-Mounting to accomodate S, M and P receivers
-To assist with inserting receiver into SlimTip


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-New design
-Snap-on to receiver housing for stable positioning
-Available 3 sizes S, M and P


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