Phonak Serenity Choice™



How to Videos

Video: How to take ear impression


Q:How do I install the app?

A:You must first register an apple ID on the device to access the Appstore. There it can be found as Phonak ALT

Q:Can I calibrate while the sensor unit is inserted in the ear?


Q:The send report function does not work, how do I use the e-mail function?

A:First an e-mail account must be registered on the device from within the mail app or the settings -> accounts 

Q:I cannot change the language of the app.

A:First an extra language must be installed through device settings -> general -> language and region -> add language. After that, the app will allow the different language options. 

Q:I get the message ‘calibration failed.

A:Try to reinsert the sensor unit into the calibrator with a twisting motion and make sure it is fully seated. Make sure the right output mode is selected (jack or dongle). Try to limit external noises and movement of cables and calibrator. Make sure there is no damage to the calibrator or sensor units, cracks, dirt, etc.  

Q:The needle is always moving.

A:Once a good fit is expected by the client, try to minimize body movement and touching the device to get a stable reading 

Q:The results are on the limit of acceptance but are never positive.

A:Try cleaning the ear before fitting. Try if moving the jaw gives a better fit. Twist the earmould to try to get a deeper fit.