Phonak EasyCall II

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EasyCall wirelessly connects a Phonak hearing aid with any Bluetooth® -enabled cell phone and binaurally streams the call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

Best speech understanding on a cell phone

EasyCall automatically and wirelessly streams phone calls to both Phonak hearing aids, resulting in unmatched sound quality and maximum understanding.

EasyCall with phone - holding position

Widest choice of phone or hearing aid models.

Regardless of the phone brand, Phonak EasyCall works with any Phonak wireless hearing aid and Bluetooth® -enabled cell phone, including non-smartphones. Clients can simply keep their existing cell phone.


Ready, set, call

EasyCall is Bluetooth® connected and attached to a cell phone. Therefore, it’s always ready when the phone rings, and never forgotten or lost.

EasyCall accepting an incoming call
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Stay connected longer

EasyCall allows clients up to 10 hours of talk time. It can remain in the stand-by modus for up to 10 days, allowing for more flexibility and less dependency.


A choice of hard cases

Phonak EasyCall hard cases are designed to fit a number of popular cell phone brands. It keeps your clients connected to EasyCall while protecting the phone.

Other models are supported through simple adhesive tape pads.

EasyCall Hard Case iPhone
EasyCall II


EasyCall II is used with Venture and Belong wireless hearing aids.

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