Testimonials and interviews with Hearing Care Professionals

Listen to Key Opinion Leaders talk on their experience of incorporating eAudiology and Phonak eSolutions into daily hearing care practice.

Joseph Montano, Ed.D.

What does eAudiology mean to you?


What has been your experience of incorporating eAudiology into your clinical practice?

What are the considerations for setting up eAudiology in daily practice?

How does eAudiology align with Family Centered Care?

What’s your advice to Hearing Care Professionals considering implementing eAudiology into their daily practice?

eAudiology does not replace traditional practice – a blended approach meets client needs

Lauren Aramini (Au.D.), Christina Massey (Au.D.), Jeff Lane (Au.D.)

Phonak eSolutions : Candidacy

Phonak eSolutions : Discussion and scheduling

Phonak eSolutions: New opportunities

Phonak eSolutions: Patient response

Phonak eSolutions : Hearing Diary