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The impact of hearing loss is often underestimated. It's time to change the conversation from “hearing loss – sensory problem” to “hearing care – a vital part of healthy living”. Help your clients to connect socially, thrive mentally and emotionally.


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The Well-Hearing is Well-Being position statement, published in Hearing Review, puts hearing loss in a much broader context and highlights why hearing healthcare is vital for healthy living.

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Explore the 3 dimensions

Well-Hearing is Well-Being provides a model to discuss the impact of hearing well in everyday clinical practice. Dive into the topic to foster overall well-being for your clients.

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Browse through infographics, presentations, videos and other evidence to learn more about Well-Hearing is Well-Being.

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Life-changing hearing solutions

At Phonak, we believe that well-hearing equates to well-being and is essential to living life to the fullest. 

Our innovative hearing solutions are designed for people of all ages and all degrees of hearing loss, to connect socially, thrive mentally and emotionally. 

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Complement your quality care

Having remote capabilities  in place allows you to reach new and existing clients with a range of valuable services.

Phonak provides the eSolutions and eAudiology resources needed to perform hearing healthcare services remotely.

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Well-Hearing is Well-Being in daily practice

Hearing aid adoption is key for success. A client's journey is influenced by multiple factors. 

Family plays a vital role in audiological treatment and rehabilitation. Family-Centered Care is an approach that addresses the social-emotional well-being of a client. 

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This blog provides insights from experts in hearing healthcare. Short and easy-to-read blog posts will keep you up to date on the latest developments in audiology and beyond. 

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