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Fitting is an important part of the hearing journey and the impact it can have both on satisfaction and user experience should not be underestimated. Phonak Target helps you ensure that clients not only get the most out of their technology - but truly reap the benefits of hearing well for their overall well-being.

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Seamless fitting experience

Seamless fitting experience

Phonak Target combines the principles of current software design with the inno­vation of hearing technology and audiology. It was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a rewarding fitting experience from start to finish.

Phonak Target presents a host of fitting elements that will support your individual work­flow. You can focus more fully on your client’s needs.



ActiveVent is a mechanical vent that can be steered to open or close based on the classified sound environment or signal, providing clients an open fitting when they want it and a closed fitting when they need it. You have the flexibility to modify the ActiveVent status in the exclusive AutoSense OS programs, streaming programs, or manual programs not linked to AutoSense OS. ActiveVent is compatible with Audéo P rechargeable hearing aids.

Notification sidebar

Notification sidebar

The notification sidebar provides quick access to information or reminders that can support you in completing a fitting. It also provides you with information on preference changes made by the client in the myPhonak app. The benefit is immediate access to information that can foster conversations with the client.


Mask program

Mouth masks are particularly challenging for people with hearing loss or in challenging listening conditions. A ready-made Mask program provides clients an accessible custom hearing aid program to support their communication where there is widespread use of face masks.

Mask program



Phonak offers a host of digital tools that you can use to generate leads as well as to have clients input their hearing aid information and adjust their devices.


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