Phonak Naída™ Marvel Support


Q: Do I need a Roger microphone with my Phonak Marvel hearing aid?

A: Beyond the distance of 1.5 meters hearing aids, even the most advanced,  have limitations in providing an improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio, which is a prerequisite for speech understanding. State-of the art Roger microphones are therefore required to bridge the understanding gap nearby and over distance, in quiet and noise. 

Q: How do I connect my Phonak Marvel hearing aid with the TV Connector or PartnerMic?

A: RogerDirect is a feature of the Phonak Marvel hearing aid that allows Roger microphones to stream directly to the Phonak Marvel hearing aid. After a simple installation of the Roger receiver into the Phonak Marvel hearing aid, you can benefit from the proven performance of Roger in noise and over distance, without attaching an external receiver.

Q: What is the Roger installation?

A: After a simple installation process of the receiver with Roger iN microphones, clients can boost their hearing performance in noise and over distance without attaching an external receiver.

Q: What is RogerDirect™?

A: The TV connector and the PartnerMic are Airstream technologies. They do not require a Roger Installation. They will automatically connect.

Q: What phones will work with my Phonak Marvel hearing aid?

A: Virtually all cell phones will work with, as long as the phone supports Bluetooth wireless technology. Phonak Marvel hearing aids are Bluetooth Version 4.2 certified

• For phone calls, any phone supporting Bluetooth 2.1 and newer

• For myPhonak app, your phone must fulfill the following minimal requirements: Bluetooth 4.2; iOS version 10.2.1; Android 6.0 or newer