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How have the CeruStop grommets been improved for titanium?

The new design of the CeruStop grommet is recessed into the titanium shell, rather than sitting on the surface. The benefits of the new design allows for an additional layer of adhesive and lacquering to ensure a secure assembly. This will also help reduce wear and tear as it limits contact with ear canal debris. CeruStop grommets in titanium shells will now have the same durability as acrylic shells over their lifetime. This improvement is now implemented into ALL new and remade orders of Virto Titanium.

What is Biometric Calibration?

Beginning with the extraction of 1600 data points from the client’s ear impression, the directional response of the hearing aid is designed to take into account the effect the client’s ear anatomy has on incoming sound waves. The result is a custom calibrated and more precise beamformer, providing up to 2dB better directionality for directional models1.

What is AOV?

AOV takes into account the unique characteristics of each client, including the audiometric configuration, risk of feedback, likelihood of occlusion, benefit of direct sound, and the need for low-frequency gain. The proprietary formula then creates an individualized vent size and shape specifically for each client. We recommend selecting AOV for every custom product order, as a review of internal data shows hearing aids with AOV are returned less often than hearing aids with manually-selected vents.

What is the battery life of Virto P-312?

Battery life of the Virto P-312 will depend on how often and how long the hearing aids are used to stream media. The average user will get sixty hours of use from one size 312 battery. This is calculated based on sixteen hours of daily wear with eight hours of AutoSense OS™ 3.0, four hours of Bluetooth streaming, and four hours of TV Connector usage. Without any wireless streaming, the user will get 83 hours of battery life (approximately one week for the average hearing aid user) out of one size 312 battery.

Are Virto P hearing aids waterproof?

Virto P-Titanium and Virto P-10 NW O are both IP68 rated. This means the hearing aids survived continuous immersion in 1 meter of water for 60 minutes as well as 8 hours in a dust chamber per the IEC60529 standard. Virto P-312 and Virto P-312 NW O are not IP rated.

Although some models are rated water resistant, Virto Paradise hearing aids are not waterproof and should be removed before showering, bathing, swimming, or any other activity that will expose the hearing aids to water or excess moisture.

Can Virto Paradise be ordered using a digitally scanned ear impression file?

For all custom hearing aid orders we accept the following file types:
.asc, .xyz, .txt, .stl, .mgx, .mdck, .gz

Can Virto P-312 be ordered without a push button?

No. A push button is required to use the Bluetooth connectivity functionality of Paradise. Only the non-wireless Virto P models can be ordered without a push button.

How can I ensure the client doesn’t change volume or programs during insertion?

When the battery door is closed, there is a default startup delay of 6 seconds before the hearing aids will turn on. During this time the push button is not active and there will be no amplification coming from the hearing aids. The hearing aids can be programmed to have a start-up delay of up to 12 seconds.



How do you answer calls using the push button on Virto P-312?

A quick press of the push button on either hearing aid will answer an incoming call. To reject a call, simply press and hold the push button for at least two seconds. This can be done using the push button on either hearing aid.

Is it safe having a Bluetooth antenna in the ear?

The amount of radio frequency energy to which the body is exposed is so little, that there are no foreseen risks.

How is the Bluetooth pairing mode activated in Virto P-312?

To activate the Bluetooth pairing mode in Virto P-312, open and then close the battery door. Pairing mode will be active for three minutes.

Does Virto P-312 have a flight mode?

Yes, to activate flight mode open the battery door of the hearing aid, then hold down the push button for seven seconds while closing the battery door. While in flight mode, the hearing aid will function normally, but will not be able to connect to or stream from a paired Bluetooth device. To exit flight mode, simply open and close the battery door.

Which Phonak apps are compatible with the Virto P-312?

Virto P is compatible with the myPhonak app and the myCall-to-Text app and can be used to stream from thousands of additional third-party apps.



What is the streaming distance for RogerDirect with Virto P-312?

The streaming distance will depend on several factors, including how deep in the ear the Virto P-312 is located, which RogerTM transmitter and receivers are being used, the environment in which Roger is being streamed, and the number of competing wireless signals in the area. Please note that Roger has a longer streaming distance indoors than outside due to reflections of the signal off of walls.

Can RogerDirect and Virto P-312 be used with an existing Roger microphone?

Yes, Virto P-312 is compatible with all existing Roger microphones.


FAQs - Virto P-Titanium

Are Virto P-Titanium hearing aids waterproof?

While Virto P-Titanium is IP68 rated, the hearing aids are not waterproof and should be removed before showering, bathing, swimming, or any other activity that will expose the hearing aids to water or excess moisture.

Why should I use the Titanium FitGuide for Virto Paradise Titanium orders?

Titanium FitGuide (TFG) is designed to measure the flexibility of the ear canal. When the TFG is used, over 50% of people get an even more discreet fitting Virto P-Titanium by an average of 2.5 mm2. Because of this, we recommend measuring the client using the TFG for all Virto Titanium orders.

Should TFG measurements be taken before or after the impression?

TFG measurements should be taken before the impression, as the process of taking ear impressions can sometimes increase the sensitivity of the ear canal.

Do I have to use EasyView Otoblock (EVOB) for my Virto P-Titanium orders?

Using EVOB provides an average of 6mm additional information on your ear impression versus a traditional cotton or foam otoblock3. While using EasyView Otoblock (EVOB) is not required to order Virto P-Titanium, a deep ear impression is needed to ensure we can build a more discreet hearing aid.

Can I modify the shell of Virto P-Titanium in office?

No, Virto P-Titanium is not designed to be repaired in-office. All remakes and repairs should be sent to Phonak.

Is Virto P-Titanium compatible with Roger microphones?

If the hearing aids are equipped with a t-coil, a Roger MyLink can be used to connect to Roger microphones.

Can Virto P-Titanium be adjusted with the myPhonak app?

No, Virto P-Titanium is not Bluetooth compatible and cannot be adjusted with the myPhonak app.

Why did you pick titanium over other material options?

Titanium is 15 times stronger than acrylic, so it can be printed at half the thickness and still retain its strength. The thin walls of the titanium shells provide 30% more interior room which can be leveraged to make the IIC smaller than ever, or accommodate a larger vent or receiver. We use a medical grade titanium that can be helpful for individuals who do not tolerate acrylic shells. Small amounts of acrylic based adhesives are used in the assembly of titanium custom shells, therefore there is still a small risk that a person who is highly allergic to acrylics could experience a reaction.

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