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When should I recommend Sky V and when should I recommend Sky Q?

Phonak Sky V is the dedicated pediatric portfolio on the Venture platform. It replaces Sky Q as well as previously used Nios S H2O and Naída S for pediatric hearing instrument users. Sky V comes in the five form factors Sky V-M, P, SP, UP, RIC and in three different performance levels V90, V70, V50.

Are Sky V hearing aids waterproof?

No, Sky V hearing aids are not waterproof. All Sky V models are water-resistant according to IP68 rating.

Are all Sky V models tamper proof?

Tamper proof battery doors, hooks and design-integrated Roger receivers are available for all traditional BTE models (M, P, SP, UP) of the Sky V portfolio. The tamperproof battery door is also compatible with the Sky V-RIC, however please note that receiver in canal devices are not recommended for children of the age below 8 years.

I would like to order a hearing aid with a specific hook color, how do I proceed?

Phonak Sky V comes in 16 housing colors and 7 hook colors that can be changed to suit your client’s preference. The Signature colors will ship with specific hook colors as mentioned below. All other housing colors are shipped with a transparent hook. If you need a different hook color with your shipment, please let Customer Service know when placing the order.

Default hook colors:

  • Electric Green with Green hook
  • Caribbean Pirate with Yellow hook
  • Vanity Pink with Pink hook
  • Alpine White with Blue hook
  • Blue Ocean with Purple hook
  • Majesty Purple with Orange hook
  • All other housing colors come with a transparent hook.
  • All housing and hook colors can be mixed and matched to your clients needs.

Which Roger receivers are compatible with Sky V hearing aids?

Sky V-P, SP, UP, RIC have direct audio input and hence are compatible with a design-integrated Roger receiver:

  • Sky V-P, SP, RIC = Roger 18
  • Sky V-UP = Roger 19

Roger X via Audio Shoe (AS18 and AS19) can also be used with these four form factors.
Roger X via Phonak ComPilot II, Roger MyLink can be used with all five form factors of the Sky V portfolio.

What other accessories are compatible with the Sky V hearing aids?

Phonak DECT II Home Phone, Phonak PilotOne II, EasyCall II, Phonak ComPilot II, Phonak ComPilot Air II, Phonak TVLInk II, Phonak RemoteMic

Is Sky V compatible with CROS II?

All Sky V models are compatible with Phonak CROS II. However, Phonak CROS II is not recommended for toddlers between 0-3 years old.

Can I use the Power Slim Tube with my pediatric patients?

Use of the Power Slim Tube is  recommended on pediatric patients 9 years old or older. The user needs to be able to handle something a bit more delicate. Note that it has to be fit with a custom ear mold because it is used for power fittings.

Which receivers are compatible with the Sky V-RIC form factor?

Sky V-RIC can be fit with three different external receivers:

  • Standard receiver xS: for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • Power receiver xP: for mild to severe hearing loss
  • UltraPower receiver xUP: for moderate to profound hearing loss

Phonak recommends receiver-in-canal hearing aids for children of age 8 years and older.