Phonak Vitus™ and Vitus+ Support



Is Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ compatible with Roger Receivers?

Yes, Vitus/Vitus+ is compatible with Roger Receivers.
For more information, please visit the Vitus /Vitus + compatibility support site. 

Is Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ compatible with Phonak wireless accessories?

By adding a Roger receiver to the Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ hearing aid it becomes compatible with all Roger microphones.
Other Phonak wireless accessories are not compatible with Phonak Vitus/Vitus+.

Does Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ have a TV and/or Phone option?

If TV and/or Phone options are important to your client, we recommend choosing a Phonak hearing aid with performance level 30 or higher. 

Does Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ have Telecoil?

Yes, all models have a Telecoil. For ITEs only if Telecoil option has been chosen.

Which version of the Phonak Target software can be used to fit Vitus/Vitus+?

Phonak Target 5.3 or higher.

What fitting device can be used for Phonak Vitus/Vitus+?

Compatible fitting interfaces: NOAHLink or HI-PRO2.

Can Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ be fitted wirelessly with iCube II?

Only Vitus+ can be fitted wirelessly.

Is Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ water resistant?

Yes, Vitus / Vitus+  is IP68 water resistant and dust protected. Except for Vitus+ ITE-312 and Vitus+ ITE-13.

Does Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ have direct audio input?

Yes, all RIC and BTE models have direct audio input. Please use the compatible Audio Shoe. For more information, please visit the compatibility support site.

Is Phonak Vitus/Vitus+ CROS compatible?

Vitus/Vitus+ is not compatible with the wireless CROS.
To use the wireless Phonak CROS, fit your client with a Phonak hearing aid performance level 30 or above.