Phonak EasyCall/EasyCall II Support


Beautyshot EasyCall II

Q: Which hearing aids can be used with EasyCall or EasyCall II?

A: Venture and Belong hearing aids can only be used with EasyCall II. Spice and Quest hearing aids can only be used with EasyCall.

Q: Can I listen to music with EasyCall?

A: No. It is for phone use only. 

Q: What is the battery life and usage of the EasyCall?

A: The standby time is up to 10 days for both models before requiring another charge.

EasyCall talk time is up to 8 hours.

EasyCall II talk time is up to 10 hours. 

Q: Does EasyCall use the battery of the phone?

A: No. It has its own rechargeable battery with a micro USB charging port. 

Q: Do I need to connect to Phonak Target to use EasyCall?

A: No. You just need to pair to the phone via Bluetooth. The connection to the hearing aid will work right away.

Q: How many phones can I pair with EasyCall?

A: Up to eight phones . It is recommended, however, that EasyCall is permanently attached to one cell phone only to ensure it is never forgotten or lost.

Q: Do I need a Bluetooth® enabled phone to use EasyCall?

A: Yes. As long as the phone is Bluetooth® enabled (HSP or HFP profile is sufficient), the EasyCall will work.