Roger™ inspiro Support


Beautyshot Roger Focus and Roger Inspiro

Q: How many receivers can be connected with each Roger inspiro wireless microphone?

A: Roger inspiro  can connect to an unlimited number of receivers. 

Q: How many Roger inspiro and DynaMic microphones can I connect together on one network?

A: Up to 35.

Q: How do I connect a Roger receiver to a Roger microphone?


  • Make sure your Roger inspiro microphone and Roger receiver are both switched on.
  • Hold your Roger inspiro microphone 10 cm / 4 inches or fewer from your Roger receiver.
  • Press Connect on your Roger inspiro microphone.
  • Simply repeat these steps to connect additional Roger receivers.


Please Note: each receiver must be connected in turn, one at a time (multiple receivers cannot be connected by clicking Connect only once).

Q: Are Roger solutions compatible with classroom amplification (soundfield) systems?

A: The Roger inspiro teacher microphone can be used with such systems, yes. This means a teacher only needs to wear one microphone to transmit speech to every student.

Roger inspiro can be used straight out of the box with Phonak Roger Dynamic SoundField system, or with other soundfield systems by simply adding the DigiMaster X amplification upgrade.

Q: Can I connect a Roger Pen or Roger Clip-On Mic to a network with a Roger inspiro?

A: No. The Roger inspiro can be in a network with other Roger inspiros, Touchscreen Mics, Pass-arounds, DynaMics, Multimedia Hubs and AudioHubs.

Q: Can I upgrade my inspiro to Roger?

A: Pre-requisite to upgrade inspiro to Roger: four first digits of serial number shall be: «1144xxxx» or higher.