Roger Pen™ Support


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Q: In which situations can Roger Pen / EasyPen be used?

A: Roger Pen can be used in many different situations, such as:

  • In small group conversations with up to six participants
  • In one-on-one conversations with a friend, partner or caregiver
  • During lectures or in class
  • Outdoors and indoors activities (gym, guided tour)
  • Watching TV
  • Phone calls*

Q: In which situations are other solutions than Roger Pen / EasyPen recommended?


  • Large group conversations with more than six participants; for such situations one or multiple Roger Table Mic II are recommended.
  • When the user wishes a solution to hear better in a restaurant, for such situations Roger Pen / EasyPen is recommended.

Q: Does Roger Pen / EasyPen work with any hearing system?

A: Roger Pen works with most hearing aids, cochlear implants and Bahas. A  Roger receiver is required to bring the signal from Roger Pen into the hearing system. For most Phonak hearing aids as well for all recent cochlear implant sound processor, there is a design integrated Roger receiver. For other hearing aids, the universal Roger X or Roger MyLink can be used.

Q: How many listeners can listen to Roger Pen / EasyPen?

A: An unlimited number of users can be connected to Roger Pen / Roger EasyPen.


Q: How do I need to setup the hearing aid?

A: Most HI / CI automatically switch the program when Roger Pen / EasyPen is switched on. Some need a manual program (e.g. EXT / DAI or T-Coil).

Q: How do I connect Roger Pen / EasyPen to my hearing aids / cochlear implant?

A: Hold Roger Pen / EasyPen close to the receiver and briefly press the connect button, a green LED confirms connection. This has to be done only once, Roger Pen / EasyPen remains connected.

Technical questions

Q: What are the technical characteristics (operating time, range, latency of Roger Pen / EasyPen?

  • Operating time: Up to 8 hours
  • Bluetooth talk time: Up to 5 hours*
  • Bluetooth standby time: Up to 39 hours*

Transmission range: Up to 50 meters / 165 feet (to hearing device with RogerDirect); Up to 25 meters / 80 feet (to Roger receiver) 

Latency: Mic to receiver output: 17 ms

Q: How many microphones are in Roger Pen / EasyPen?

A: Roger Pen / EasyPen has two integrated microphones.

Q: What audio input options does Roger Pen / EasyPen have?

A: Roger Pen / EasyPen can be connected to a headphone output (3.5 mm socket) using the included audio cable.

Q: Can I combine Roger microphones?

A: Yes, Roger Pen / EasyPen can be combined with other microphones such as Roger Select or Roger Table Mic II.

Q: Does Roger Pen / EasyPen have Silent Landing?

A: Yes, whenever Roger Pen / EasyPen detects a free fall, it mutes the internal microphones to prevent any loud noise when landing.

Q: How do I reset the Roger Pen / EasyPen?

A: Complete reset: Roger Pen: Press On/off and Bluetooth together for 10 seconds

Roger Pen iN: Press on/off and reset button together for 10 seconds. 

Disconnect (NewNet): Press Connect for 10 seconds

Daily use

Q: After switching Roger Pen / Easy Pen on, in what microphone mode is it?

A: It depends on the orientation of the device.

Q: What can clients do to improve understanding using Roger Pen / EasyPen?

  • Always bring Roger Pen/ EasyPen as close to the speakers as possible. 
  • When Roger Pen / EasyPen is worn on the chest, then it should be worn in the center of the body. 
  • When you place Roger Pen / EasyPen on the table, make sure it points in the direction of the actual talker. 
  • Avoid hiding Roger Pen / EasyPen behind glasses, computer screens and other objects.

Q: Is it possible to listen to an audio device and the microphone in parallel?

A: No.

Q: How can Roger Pen be connected with a phone?

A: Bluetooth wireless technology provides an easy way to connect the Roger Pen with a phone.* When the phone does not support Bluetooth, then alternatively adaptors and cables can be used. Please check the ‘Phone calls made easy with Roger’ brochure.


Q: Is Roger Pen compatible with any phone / computer?*

A: In most cases yes, Roger Pen supports Bluetooth version 4.0. Ask the dealer of the phone or computer to clarify compatibility questions.

Q: With what types of devices can a client make phone calls?*

A: Roger Pen can be connected to any device that is capable of doing phone calls such as cell phone, landline phones, etc. Provided the device has a Bluetooth or a Bluetooth hub connected.

Q: Can Roger Pen be turned off while still remaining connected to the phone / computer? *

A: Yes, when you turn off your Roger Pen it remains connected with your phone / computer.

It is recommended to switch off the Bluetooth feature (long press on the decline button) when no phone call is expected for a longer time period to reduce battery consumption.  

Q: Can my client listen to music via Bluetooth? *

A: Most phone / computer stream music using A2DP profile which is not supported by Roger Pen due to technical reasons. Some phone settings or apps allow you to convert music into headset or hands free profile and then your client can listen to music via Roger Pen. Please ask the phone dealer for options.

Using multiple microphones

Q: How many other microphones can be connected with Roger Pen / EasyPen?

A: Up to 10 Roger microphones can be connected in a network.

Q: Which speaker has priority?

A: Every microphone has the same priority, the device that detects the voice first will transmit its voice until the speaker stops speaking (another speaker cannot interrupt).  

Note that if the audio cable is plugged directly into Roger Pen, it will always be active and no other microphone is able to transmit.

Q: Why is it not possible to use multiple Roger Pen / EasyPen on the table?

A: Due to technical reasons it is not possible to use multiple Roger Pen / EasyPen on the table. If such a setup is required, it is recommended to use Roger Table Mic II.



*Not applicable for Roger Pen iN and Roger EasyPen.