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We are committed to assisting you in adopting digital services into your practice, to get you up and running quickly while still adhering to highest possible quality standards.

Phonak has taken several steps to continue supporting you and your clients while keeping the health and safety of everyone a top priority.

Below we have bundled some essential resources, to guide as you continue to cater to the needs of the hearing loss community while also adhering to current necessary safety and regulatory requirements.


Information about Remote Support for video counselling

Phonak is committed to assisting hearing care professionals in adopting eAudiology into daily practice, to get you up and running quickly, while still adhering to the highest possible quality standards.

Phonak eSolutions allows you to fit, fine-tune and support your client’s listening hearing needs remotely in real-time.

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Phonak: How to Stay In Touch with Hearing Care Professional during COVID-19.
Phonak: How to Stay In Touch with Hearing Care Professional during COVID-19.

Help clients to stay connected

At a time when staying connected is so important, assistive listening devices can provide you and your clients the additional support you’re looking for.

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Practice Guidance during COVID-19

In these uncertain times, hearing care professionals need to provide audiological care in new ways. eAudiology and Remote Support offer effective and safe ways for all involved to stay connected.

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Official information for Hearing Care Professionals on COVID-19

The sources listed below are recognized internationally for their reputable and in-depth coverage of the COVID-19 situation with FAQ’s, guidelines, and more.

The selected pages are targeted at hearing care professionals and health care professionals. Local guidelines and regulations may, of course, differ.

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Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

The HLAA website features guidance, FAQs, information about hearing loss and Coronavirus and more

Visit HLAA:

WHO – World Health Organization

The WHO website is constantly updated about the COVID-19 situation for individuals, businesses, media and organizations from a global perspective.

Visit WHO:

Additional resources

We Care About Your Voice: COVID-19 survey

We want to learn from you how you’re dealing with the current situation, what challenges you’re facing and how you plan your practices' near and midterm success. We have created a short survey to gather your opinion. With the results we will develop specific support and content for you. 

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Phonak: Remote Hearing Aid adjustment by Audiologist during COVID-19.