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The Phonak Pediatric Advisory Board

The Phonak Pediatric Advisory Board was founded in 1998 by a group of key opinion leaders, researchers and experts in the field of pediatric audiology. The board continues today to help guide future products and services. Over the last couple of decades the board has come together once a year to share their own research projects and findings and to also help recommend and support industry best practices in pediatric audiology. 

Members of the board include researchers and professors in pediatric audiology, master pediatric clinicians and parents of children with hearing loss. Geographically the members come from around the world and represent the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa.

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Individual members of the board contribute to Phonak pediatrics in a variety of ways, including:

  • Chairing and developing the program for Phonak international pediatric conferences
  • Providing feedback and conducting research on product and feature developments
  • Developing and writing fitting protocols for pediatric hearing instruments and features
  • Providing guidance on default hearing aid features for children
  • Writing and reviewing the new series of Pediatric Focus papers

Advisory Board Members

Portrait Tharpe

Anne Marie Tharpe, PhD

Pediatric Advisory Board Chair
Professor & Chair
Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences
Vanderbilt University, USA

Portrait Bohnert

Andrea Bohnert, MTA-F

Senior MTA-F Pedaudiology
University Medical Center
University Mainz, Germany

Portrait DesGeorge

Janet DesGeorges

Executive Director
Hands & Voices, USA

Portrait Munro

Kevin J. Munro, PhD

Ewing Professor of Audiology
Director of Research
Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness
University of Manchester, UK

Portrait Scollie

Susan Scollie, PhD

Associate Professor
Western University, Canada

Portrait Wolfe

Jace Wolfe, PhD

Director of Audiology
Hearts for Hearing, USA

Portrait Bagatto

Marlene Bagatto, AuD, PhD

Research Associate
Western University, Canada

Portrait Davis

Adrian Davis, OBE, PhD

Ad Cave Solutions Limited, UK

Portrait Lewis

Dawna Lewis, PhD

Director Listening & Learning Laboratory
Boys Town National Research Hospital, USA

Portrait Roush

Patricia Roush, AuD

Associate Professor
Director of Pediatric Audiology
University of North Carolina, USA

Portrait Swanepoel

DeWet Swanepoel, PhD

Professor, Dept of Speech and Language
Pathology & Audiology
University of Pretoria, South Africa


Phonak and Sonova Members

Portrait Dijkstra

Evert Dijkstra

Managing Director
Phonak Communications AG, Switzerland

Portrait Rich

Stacey Rich, MClAud

Global Pediatric Audiology Manager
Phonak HQ, Switzerland

Portrait Jones

Christine Jones, AuD

Director of Phonak Audiology Research Center
Phonak, USA

Portrait Pelosi

Angela Pelosi, B.Sc.(Hons) Dip.Aud

Global Head of Pediatrics
Phonak HQ, Switzerland

Portrait Boretzki

Michael Boretzki, PhD

Science & Technology Program Owner
Sonova AG, Switzerland

Portrait Spahr

Tony Spahr, PhD

Director of Audiology
Advanced Bionics, USA


Pediatric Focus Series

by Pediatric Advisory Board