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For professionals

Brochure: Rogerpedia

Brochure: Roger for young children

Brochure: Phonak pediatric solutions

Brochure: Phonak pediatric communication solutions

Brochure: Roger for Education

Guide: Pediatric clinical recommendation

Use of wireless accessories for children with AB cochlear implants

Brochure: Solutions for children with unilateral hearing loss

Brochure: Phonak solutions for pediatric unilateral hearing loss

for ENT

Brochure: Solutions for children with unilateral hearing loss (UHL)

Product recommendation overview

Field Study: Could teleaudiology be the answer for teens?

White Paper: Insight - The amazing teenage brain: Ready for advanced conversations

For consumers

Brochure: Roger for young children

Infographic: Roger - your preschooler's new best friend

Brochure: Pamphlet- Pediatric Solutions

Brochure: Pamphlet Sky B-PR

Brochure: Children's hearing

Brochure: Guide for Roger solutions to keep kids and teens connected

Brochure: Roger for Education (Pamphlet)

Bridging the understanding gap

Brochure: Ready for success

My child with a unilateral hearing loss

Brochure: Ready for success

Solutions for children with unilateral hearing loss (UHL)

Infographic: Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL)

Pediatric Focus Series

Technical Paper: Pediatric Focus: Considering directional microphone use in pediatric hearing aid fittings

Lewis, D. and Marlene Bagatto M., 2017

Technical Paper: Finding the right fit: Pediatric hearing aid coupling options for children

Patricia Roush, Christine Jones, 2018

Technical Paper: Hearing aid prescription and fine-tuning: The basics of preferred practices

Susan Scollie, Anne Marie Tharpe, Marlene Bagatto, Jace Wolfe, Pat Roush, Andrea Bohnert, and Janet DesGeorges, 2020


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