Phonak Sky™ Q Support



When should I recommend Sky Q and when should I recommend Naída S or Nios S H2O?

Phonak Sky Q is the dedicated pediatric portfolio on the Quest platform. It replaces Nios S H2O and Naída S for pediatric hearing instrument users. Sky Q comes in the four form factors (Sky Q RIC, M13, SP, and UP) and in three different performance levels (Q90, Q70, Q50).

How long should the battery last?

The size 13 battery should last between 7 and 10 days (112 to 160 hours).
The size 675 battery should last approximately 14 days (224 hours).
Note that the battery life is reduced when used together with Roger or with streaming.

Are Sky Q hearing aids waterproof?

No, Sky Q hearing aids are not waterproof. All Sky Q models are water-resistant according to IP67 rating. This is the same water-resistant IP rating as M H2O models.

Are all Sky Q models tamper-proof?

Yes. Tamper-proof battery doors and design-integrated Roger receivers are available for all Sky Q models. Tamper-proof ear hooks are available for Sky Q- M13/SP/UP.

I would like to order a hearing aid with a specific hook color, how do I proceed?

Phonak Sky Q comes in 17 housing colors and seven hook colors that can be changed to suit your client’s preference. The Signature colors will ship with specific hook colors as mentioned below. All other housing colors are shipped with a transparent hook. If you need a different hook color with your shipment, please let Customer Service know when placing the order.

Default hook colors:

  • Electric Green with Green hook
  • Caribbean Pirate with Yellow hook
  • Dragon Orange with Blue hook
  • Vanity Pink with Pink hook
  • Blue Lagoon Transparent with Purple hook
  • Royal Purple Transparent with Orange hook
  • All other housing colors come with a transparent hook.

Which Roger receivers are compatible with Sky Q hearing aids?

All Sky Q devices are compatible with the Roger X via Audio Shoe or ComPilot and the Roger Mylink via t-coil. Each Sky Q device has a design-integrated Roger receiver:

  • Sky Q M13 and Sky Q RIC =  Roger 15 or ML15i receiver
  • Sky Q SP = Roger 11 or ML11i receiver
  • Sky Q UP = Roger 10 or ML10i receiver

What other accessories are compatible with the Sky Q hearing aids?

DECT Home Phone, ComPilot, RemoteMic, TVLink S and PilotOne are compatible with Sky Q hearing aids of all performance levels.

Is Sky Q compatible with CROS?

All Sky Q models are compatible with Phonak CROS. However, Phonak CROS is not recommended for toddlers between 0 and 3 years old.

Is there a new microphone filter with Sky Q M13? How can I change it?

No, the microphone filter of the Sky Q-RIC and Sky Q-M13 is the same as the Bolero Q-M13 and all the H20 models. To change it, the upper housing has to be removed and replaced.

We recommend changing the microphone protection for Sky Q RIC and Sky Q M13 once a year, or more often if the client is a very active person or in an environment that has a lot of moisture or dust.

Can I use the Power Slim Tube with my pediatric patients?

Use of the Power Slim Tube is  recommended on pediatric patients 9 years or older. The user needs to be able to handle something a bit more delicate. Note that it has to be fit with a custom ear mold because it is used for power fittings.