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Wondering what Sky Q works with? Find out about which wireless accessories and receivers are compatible.


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Q: When should I recommend Sky Q and when should I recommend Naída S or Nios S H2O?

A: Phonak Sky Q is the dedicated pediatric portfolio on the Quest platform. It replaces Nios S H2O and Naída S for pediatric hearing instrument users. Sky Q comes in the four form factors (Sky Q RIC, M13, SP, and UP) and in three different performance levels (Q90, Q70, Q50).

Q: How long should the battery last?

A: The size 13 battery should last between 7 and 10 days (112 to 160 hours).
The size 675 battery should last approximately 14 days (224 hours).
Note that the battery life is reduced when used together with Roger or with streaming.

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