Compatible hearing aids

ComPilot II (Belong)

ComPilot II (Venture)

ComPilot (Quest)

ComPilot (Spice)

Audéo B

Excludes Audéo B-Direct

Audéo V

Audéo Q

Excludes Q10


Audéo B-R

Bolero V

Bolero Q

Audéo S Yes

Bolero B

Virto V

Excludes nano and NW O

Virto Q

Excludes nano and Q10

Naída S


Virto B


Excludes NW O

Naída V

Naída Q

Nios S H2O

Naída B

Sky V

Sky Q


Excludes Nano, Petite, UZ Petite

Sky B



Excludes Nano, Petite, UZ Petite



Excludes Nano, Petite, UZ Petite



Excludes Nano, Petite, UZ Petite

Compatible receivers

Roger X - miniature universal receiver

Roger Receiver

Roger X is a miniature universal Roger receiver that is compatible with virtually every hearing instrument and cochlear implant speech processor on the market.

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MLxi - universal dynamic FM receiver

MLxi receiver

MLxi is Phonak’s universal Dynamic FM receiver. It is compatible with virtually all hearing instrument brands and models.

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