Phoneme Perception Test

Phoneme Perception Test 3.0

Hearing aid benefits - e.g. amplification, frequency lowering, and the progression of speech intelligibility - can be demonstrated to clients and significant others, if the test is used during the fitting. You have the option to run the test aided and unaided.

The Phoneme Perception Test 3.0 allows for using a Tablet as a second screen and input device during the tests.

Tablet SelfTest


Detection Audiogram-mode

Detection test

The detection test is similar to a free field hearing test. It is the prerequisite to run the distinction test or the recognition test afterwards. The procedure can be performed manually with the Audiogram mode or by the client himself with the Self test mode.

Distinction test

Distinction test

Assess your clients’ ability to distinguish high frequency speech sounds /sh/ and /s/ with the distinction test. The distinction test will start with training, allowing your client to adapt to the sounds and the way the test works. The test flow depends on the results of the preceding detection test.

Recognition test

Recognition test

Use the Recognition test to assess your clients’ ability to recognize high frequency speech sounds like /sh/ or /s/. The speech sounds are embedded in a pair of vowels, forming nonsense words like /a-sh-a/. The Recognition test will start with training. You can control the flow, while your client is operating the test.


System Requirements

system requirements

Phonak Target

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