Phoneme Perception Test

Phoneme Perception Test - Cockpit

The Phoneme Perception Test is an unique assessment tool to evaluate high frequency audibility and distinction. It provides a clear indication if optimal high frequency speech hearing is obtained. The test is applicable to all manufacturers.

Detection Audiogram-mode

Assessing high frequency hearing

The Phoneme Perception Test was designed with one goal in mind: to improve your client’s speech intelligibility. The test results provide information about possible further improvements to a hearing aid’s setting. The application is NOAH compatible and available in 14 languages.


Applicable and compatible across manufacturers

The Phoneme Perception Test is the evidence-based solution to assess and improve the individual fitting. Signal processing capabilities can be compared easily. It is applicable and compatible across manufacturers.

Noah integration
Interface to Phonak Target

Interface to Phonak Target

The combination of Phoneme Perception Test and fitting software is absolutely unique. Only the fitting software Phonak Target provides an interface to show and apply the results of a preceding test directly in the fitting session. Data sharing between fitting software and test software requires NOAH.


Phoneme Perception Test Features


Phoneme Perception Test Requirements


Phonak Target