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User Guide: Roger Touchscreen Mic

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Roger™ Touchscreen Mic Compatibility

Many Phonak devices have the ability to interact with each other. Find out which products are compatible.


Beautyshot Roger Touchscreen Mic


Q: How many Roger devices can be connected in the same network by the primary Roger microphone?


  • Unlimited number of Roger receivers
  • Up to 35 Roger microphones
  • Maximum 1 Roger Multimedia Hub when mixing network mode is selected
  • Maximum 1 Roger DigiMaster 5000
  • Up to 2 Roger DigiMaster 7000
  • Up to 5 Roger DigiMaster X

Q: Is it possible to integrate Roger Touchscreen Mic to an existing classroom network, where the primary is a Roger inspiro?


  • Yes, press connect from the Roger inspiro within 10cm / 4” of the Roger Touchscreen Mic
  • Roger inspiro must be in Roger only mode

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