Pediatric Solutions

Phonak Target Junior mode

Latest developments in fitting software for children. Whether you are fitting a child with their first pair of hearing aids or providing technology to an experienced user, it’s crucial that these devices are configured to suit the child’s age, hearing loss, and communication needs.

This is why Phonak pioneered a dedicated pediatric fitting mode in our fitting software. This continually updated, evidence-based resource streamlines the process of configuring a child’s hearing aids – helping you to fit and verify your Phonak pediatric fitting using the very latest industry guidelines and research findings.


Highlights of Junior mode software

TargetMatch, available for both Real Ear Measurements and test box, offers a seamless, fully integrated solution for performing verification.

  • Updated evidence based software defaults for children aged 0-3, 4-8, 9-12, and 13-18 years
  • DSLv5a and NAL fitting formula defaults available.
  • Individual fitting philosophies supported with customizable defaults
  • Junior Roger/DAI+M start up program for DSL v5a
  • Verification Assistant to streamline the verification process
  • Age-based reminder to attach a tamperproof solution
  • Individualized reports
  • Quick overview screen

Counseling Tools

Speech Test

The UWO Ling-6 (HL) test, developed by S. Scollie and D. Glista at the Universtiy of Western Ontario, Canada.

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Child Hearing Assessment Toolkit (C.H.A.T.)

Evaluate a child’s individual listening behaviors, difficulties, and use of assistive technology.

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Guide to Access Planning

Promote self-advocacy and foster responsibility for communication access and hearing technologies.

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The Listening Room™

Free and fun activities to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills for anyone with hearing loss.

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Leo's World

Leo, the Phonak pediatric mascot, helps children to be less anxious about their hearing loss.

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